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Our Philosophy

Endeavor is an Australian fund manager that invests in good businesses run by great people.

We look for companies that have a clear competitive position, strong organic growth potential and aligned management.

To gain conviction we visit the assets and operations of the companies we invest in. We also meet management, competitors, customers, suppliers, and industry experts to gain an alternative view.

Our best ideas are found beyond well-known, well-appreciated or well-researched stocks.

With over 100 years of combined experience, Endeavor has a proven track record of outperformance.

We invest in the same portfolios alongside clients, and we are dedicated to delivering above average returns.


The Growth Equities portfolio will typically hold 20-35 ASX listed equities.

Top 200 and cash represent at least 75% and Ex-200 25%.


The Balanced Equities portfolio will typically hold 20-35 ASX listed equities.

Top 200 and cash represent at least 85% and Ex-200 15%.


Typically holds 15-25 ASX listed equities with no index restrictions.

Typical starting weight up to 10%, target maximum position.


Investment-grade issuers of hybrids and bonds with a small allocation to non-investment grade bond ETFs to improve returns and diversification.

Why Choose Endeavor

Endeavor is a high conviction, active manager with a long-term track record of outperformance. We have a disciplined process focusing on business quality, growth potential and management ability.

The portfolio managers and staff invest in the funds alongside clients. We are transparent, accessible, and strongly aligned to client outcomes.

Years of experience


Track record of growth

13 yrs

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Our Investment Process

We have three key principals:

  • Our research-intensive process is aimed at identifying great investment ideas. We have a ‘boots on the ground’ approach focusing on company meetings, visiting assets and industry contacts. Our conviction is valuation dependent, and we focus on buying at a discount to net present value of discounted cash flows.
  • Our philosophy is to focus on business quality, growth prospects and management ability. We look to genuinely understand these fundamentals to gain all-important conviction.
  • The portfolios are diversified and constructed to optimise risk-reward. Stock weightings are based on conviction, risk-reward and valuation. We avoid over-exposure to a particular stock, sector, thematic or risk.

All investment decisions are approved by the Investment Committee and reviewed by the Investment Review Committee.

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