Our Heritage

Our story begins with Rob Mead, a fund manager with a strong track record of outperformance for many years. Rob first joined the investment community in 1996 as an Investment Advisor with Macquarie Bank.

Driven by belief that many fund managers were too institutionalised and out of touch with their clients, Rob founded Endeavor Asset Management in 2010.

Richard Hamersley and Hayden Beamish joined Endeavor in 2015 and by that time, funds under management had grown to $100m. Both passionate about equities, in the following six years funds under management quadrupled at Endeavor, generating significant returns for investors.

The Endeavor team has continued to grow, with more analysts and operational support added over time. The staff have one primary focus; to perform well over the long term, by sticking to the process and investing in good companies run by great people.

“Our founding philosophy is that the best way to achieve success is to invest in great people, running great growth companies”
– Rob Mead

Our Values

Endeavor is an Australian company and is 100% owned by its staff, management, and investment partner.

Our purpose is to serve our clients by managing and growing their wealth. To us, performance and integrity matter more than growing our customer base. We pride ourselves on our boutique and premium offering which is what makes us different.

We believe that good results are only achieved by ‘getting out of the office’ and doing the hard work. As part of our professional development, we encourage mentorship and giving back to the community.

Our staff invest in our portfolios alongside clients.

Our Investment Analysis & Processes as a Boutique Fund Manager

Endeavor Asset Management is an Australian fund manager with a bottom up, fundamental focus with a 3–5-year investment timeframe. Our fund management centers around under owned, under researched businesses.

We maximise returns through fundamental industry research and company research combined with active portfolio fund management.

Our investment fund management has a small cap bias where inefficiencies in the market are the greatest. We differ from other Australian asset management companies in that we have a predilection to own stocks for the long term, but with the practical aptitude to add or trim to manage positions within the portfolio.

We ideally seek to ride the coattails of a journey of compound growth from small cap to better-known larger cap as part of our investment management.

Our asset management services lead to long-term outperformance and relative resilience in down markets. We have an upside capture ratio of ~100%, but downside capture ratio of ~50%.

Our Offices

Melbourne office

Level 14, 636 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

+61 3 9014 7740

Perth office

Ground Floor, 105 Forrest Street, Cottesloe WA 6011

+61 3 9014 7740